Welcome to Chereponi District

Chereponi District with its Administrative capital at Chereponi is one of the twenty six (26)  districts in the Northern region of Ghana. It is located between latitudes 10 °   10 ¹S and 10°N eastwards and longitude 10° 10¹ N and 10° 20¹ S northwards.

It shares boundaries with the following Districts; Gushiegu District to the West; Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo District to the North, and Saboba district to the south and The Republic of Togo to the East bordered by the River Oti. The District has a total land area of approximately 1,080 sq. km. This is merely an estimate because no geographic

Politically,it is made up of one (1) Town and five (5) Area Councils. The Town Council is Chereponi while the Area Councils are Wenchiki, Tombo, Tambong, Nansoni and Wonjuga. The Chereponi District in total has 196 settlements, 20 Unit Committees, 20 Electoral Areas, 33 Assembly members (20 elected and 11 Government appointees), Member of Parliament and District Chief Executive. The District has one(1) Constituency.

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